Sunday, August 31, 2014


Was talking to a friend about her blog today, so I figured that I should update mine. Its been awhile. Some big things have happened since I last posted. Well, big to me anyway!

A few weeks ago, I was wearing a size 16 jeans. They were getting baggy. So my mom and me went to Old Navy. I grabbed the jean cut that was best for my "body shape" and grabbed a 14 and then I grabbed a 12, just to see how far away I was from fitting into them, since they were on sale. I put on the 14 and the legs were a little baggy, but they fit. Then I tried on the 12, and they freaking fit! THEY FIT! I text my mom right away and some "come to the fitting room, I'm in the first room on the left" When she got there I opened the door and said do these look okay, and she said yes why and I said because they're a freaking 12! Needless to say, I bought 2 pairs! And I took a picture while I was in the fitting room, I was so happy! A 12!!! I started in a 22! So here is a little side by side. The picture on the left was about a year before surgery. No idea how much I weighed...but you get the point. 

I look like I had on a fat suit. 

This morning I finally got out of the 190's! That was pretty excited. I've been there for awhile. Which I guess now that I think about it, Its just been a little over a month that I was there. So that's really not that bad. But I was surprised that I even lost weight this week since I drank last weekend and then had a few on Thursday for the Seahawks game! 

Yesterday I went searching for some SPANX. Going to a wedding next weekend, and I need some. I found some :) They just make everything look so much better. Then I took William to Kohls to find a shirt for the wedding. He started looking at shoes afterward so I went over and looked at shoes too. I tried on a pair of heels for the hell of it. Never owned a pair, never been able to walk in them either. Well I put those babies on, and I rocked walking in them. I called William over and he said I looked fine walking in them. I was like "so I don't look like a newborn calf trying to walk" and he said no. 
Needless to say I bought my first pair of heels ever! And it was nice to find out they were on sale when we got to the cash register! So we will see how this goes on Saturday. I'll be bringing backup shoes (my boots) for dancing and the after party! William keeps talking about how he can't believe I bought heels. Well let me tell you, 84 pounds ago I wouldn't have ever tried to walk in them. 

Today we are going to the fair, with my parents and the girls. Pretty excited. Addison is so excited too. It'll be nice to feel like I can acutally go on the rides with her. 

Anyways, off to get ready for today! It's going to be a full day! Oh by the way. I am down a total of 83.8 pounds now! WOOT WOOT

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